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Why Fix Dents During Winter | Glen Burnie, MD

Winter is brutal in Glen Burnie, Maryland, every year. That onslaught of ice, cold temperatures, and road salt can severely damage your car. If you don’t repair all dents and scrapes on your car before or during winter, your vehicle will be even more susceptible to corrosion this year. Here’s why.

How untreated body damage accelerates your car’s deterioration

Your car will naturally, gradually wear down over time through regular use and exposure to the elements. While you can ease this deterioration with regular car washes and wax protection, you can actually hasten its deterioration by neglecting to repair dents and scrapes.

Abrasions to the surface of your car can remove the clear coat and paint protecting the metal panels underneath. With the metal surface exposed, road salt, precipitation, and sunlight can quickly cause it to oxidize. This chemical reaction leads to rust, which can spread underneath the surface across the rest of the car — especially in winter when slush and hazardous weather abound.

How should you repair body panel abrasions?

It might be tempting to save a couple dollars by popping that dent out yourself or spray-painting over a large scrape, but it’s a bad idea to attempt these repairs yourself. If you perform them improperly, you could inadvertently make the damage worse over time. You want to protect your investment, not ruin it!

That’s why we strongly recommend you bring your car to J.B.A. Collision Center. We have the tools to cover scrapes and rectify dents properly so it doesn’t cause more damage to your car. Our state-of-the-art repair equipment allows us to make repairs swiftly, efficiently, and properly.

Don’t assume that you can wait until the weather is warmer to schedule these repairs. Every day during winter that these unprotected areas on your car remain exposed, the permanent damage and rust they’ll suffer compounds.

We’re here to properly restore your car and will effectively undo any dings and scuffs after a minor collision. Call or schedule an appointment online so the professional mechanics and technicians at J.B.A. Collision Center can help you.

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