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Reasons to Fix a Windshield Chip | Glen Burnie, MD

Chip happens. It doesn’t matter how carefully or safely you drive — debris can get kicked up into your windshield, causing chips in the glass. If you wind up with a chip in your windshield, the last thing you should do is wait to have it fixed. The longer you delay, the bigger and more expensive your problem could become.

Chips Become Cracks...

That chip in your windshield may be small now, but in time, it will become a crack. The longer you wait to have your windshield repaired, the larger the crack will become. If you bring your vehicle into J.B.A. Collision Center while the chip is small, we can more easily repair rather than replace. When a crack emerges, you’re most likely looking at a full windshield replacement.

...And Cracks Become Hazards

If the chip in the windshield becomes a crack, it obstructs your view of the road. It should go without saying that the purpose of your vehicle’s windshield is to provide a safe, clear view of the road ahead. With a large crack, you have a dangerous safety hazard that puts you at greater risk. Because a damaged windshield is a driving hazard, you could be cited and ticketed, costing you even more money. By having your chip repaired early, you can protect yourself in more ways than one.

Windshield Repair is Quick and Easy!

When you bring your vehicle in to J.B.A. Collision Center with a chipped windshield, our experts have the know-how to take care of your problem in very little time. What’s more, a windshield repair shouldn’t cost you all that much for a small chip. If you have coverage for glass under your auto insurance policy, it may not even cost you anything out of pocket. Better still, we’ll help you file the paperwork with your insurance company.

Auto glass repair and replacement is just one of the many services we offer at J.B.A. Collision Center in Glen Burnie. We’re one of the largest collision centers in Maryland and we’re here to help you with any problem you have, no matter how big or small. Contact us when you’re in need and we’ll help restore your car to tip-top condition.

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